Your Maestro de Cérémonies

  • Public speaker from the age of 15 years

  • Radio and (later) television broadcaster from the age of 17 years

  • Stage and screen actor

  • Voice-over talent

  • Stand-up Comedian

  • A formally trained corporate speaker

Yes, there is more to The Boogie Man than meets the eye.  The Boogie Man's alter ego is Jon Davis.  While The Boogie man does the silly stuff, JD takes care of business at the formal end of the spectrum.

When you have a wedding, formal or corporate event, it is your Master of Ceremonies who can make the difference between success and ... (we've all seen a 'Drunken Uncle' speech!)  Jon can assist with everything from the planning stage right through to the end of the night with such things as speeches, orders of service, themes and logistics.  Jon's vocal tone and presentation skills are second to none and he uses state of the art microphones and PA equipment to ensure your night runs perfectly.

On the subject of presentation, Jon has a multitude of formal and novelty suits (including custom made boots and shoes) for any and every occasion ... from his authentic Scottish kilt to his white or black tuxedos, business suits, coloured suits ... and the mandatory leopard print and zebra prints ... of course.

When you need an exceptional Master of Ceremonies, you need The Boogie Man .... errrr ... Jon Davis!

3MA001 - Copy
3MA - Aged 18
Boogie Pimp
Australia Day Suit
Boosie & The Fat Guy
Jon in Police Car MED
Me with Olive Python
Gangnam Style