The Musician...

An accomplished musician, The Boogie Man has had a guitar in his hand since he was a kid ... literally!

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The Boogie Man also has a 'secret twin brother' named Jon Davis who is a singer / songwriter in his own right - check out THIS LINK...

Not many people know that The Boogie Man was a radio DJ from the time he was 17 years old so his knowledge of music (from well before his time) is exemplary.  It is with this knowledge that he formulated a song list with a huge WOW factor... Every song is a hit!

Xmas Pic 001
Wazoo 002 - Big Band
tram bar 019_edited
Baby Jon with Guitar (B&W)_edited
Malak Markets
Me & Mel Gray
with Stuie Who (13)
Malak Market 2016
Jon with Jim Beam Girl ...
Jon _ Noony - LoRes
Hippie Gig
Action Shot
Bali - May 2014
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